2017 School Readiness Tax Credits Toolkit


The Louisiana School Readiness Tax Credits package is up for reauthorization during the upcoming 2017 legislative session. This page will provide you with resources about the credits, why they are so important to preserving quality in Louisiana's early learning enters, and keep you updated on policy decisions affecting the credits as they become available.

What Are the School Readiness Tax Credits? This printable handout provides a brief overview of each of the credits.

This handout, Louisiana School Readiness Tax Credits: A Successful Support for the Child Care Industry and Early Childhood Education, provides more background on the credits, including how many families, child care providers and businesses take part in the credits.

This report by the National Women's Law center in2 015 studied the impacts of the credits: Extra Credit: How Louisiana is Improving Child Care. To read the full report, click here.

LPIC recently released an additional report Giving Credit Where it's Due: School Readiness Tax Credits Benefit Louisiana Families and Communities  in November of 2016 reviewing the continued impacts of the credits in Louisiana.