SB 189: COVID-19 Relief Dollars Can Be Invested in Early Care and Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant damage to our community, and the one-time federal dollars that local governments will soon receive for COVID-19-related expenditures must be invested wisely. One key investment to aid with COVID-19 recovery is funding early care and education to ensure parents can return to work, young children can learn in a safe environment, and local businesses have a reliable workforce.  

Louisiana is making funds available to cities and parishes for COVID-19-related expenditures through the recently passed SB 189. Those expenditures must be made before December 30, 2020—meaning cities and parishes cannot use these funds for long-term budget projects, but have an opportunity to use them to support early care and education in the following ways.

  • Provide grants to child care centers to help them reopen or stay open; or

  • Fund child care seats for certain children ages birth to three, specifically children of parents who are essential workers, employed by the municipal government, working, or looking for work.


Cities and parishes must submit applications to the Louisiana Division of Administration for reimbursement for their COVID-19 responses. Local governments should act swiftly to assist their communities with recovery efforts, while funds are available.