Losing Ground: How Child Care Impacts Louisiana's Workforce Productivity and the State Economy


The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children collaborated with LSU's Public Policy Research Lab (PPRL) and other researchers to understand the impact of child care issues on Louisiana's workforce, businesses and the economy. 


LSU's PPRL conducted a statewide survey of households with children age 4 and under, asking a series of questions investigating the intersection between workforce participation and child care issues. Then, an economist estimated the economic impact of child care instability using the survey results. 



The first-of-its-kind study found the following:


  • Employee absences and turnover costs due to child care issues cost Louisiana employers $816 million a year

  • Child care issues result in a $1.1 billion loss annually for Louisiana's economy; and

  • Louisiana loses almost $84 million in tax revenue annually due to lost workplace productivity.

  • 14% of Louisiana parents with young children turned down a promotion due to child care issues, 16% quit their jobs, and 8% were fired for the same reason. 


More details can be found in the report here and in a one-page brief about the report here. For a copy of the press release, please click here



For effects on women in the workforce here.