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Ringside-Politics with a Punch

WLAE-TV- December 7, 2016

KALB Channel 5 (Alexandria)

The Louisiana Department of Education held its 5th of 6 roundtables around the state focusing on policy changes to the state’s early care and education system on Tuesday, April 26 in Alexandria, at the Rapides Parish School Board, Gladys Higdon Instructional Center. Alexandria news station KALB covered the event. Watch the story here or find it on their website at


Legislative Testimony on Governor Edwards' Proposed Budget

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 the House Appropriations Committee took testimony on the section of the Governor's proposed budget that includes early care and education. To watch the testimony click here and fast forward to the 1:21: 29 minute mark.

Legislative Testimony on LA's School Readiness Tax Credits

In light of the state's budget situation, the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee has been holding a series of hearings to assess the merits of all current tax credits offered by the state. The School Readiness Tax Credits were heard in committee on April 4, 2016. Providers and stakeholders from across the state attended this hearing and testified on the importance of the tax credits to their child care businesses, their teachers, and their local economies. Legislators marveled at the enthusiasm and support for these credits, noting that the crowd was the largest they had yet in their tax credit hearings.


To watch the hearing and listen to the compelling testimony on why the School Readiness Tax Credits are so vital to our child care system and to our local economies, click here and fast forward to the start of the testimony at the 58:00 minute mark.


United Way of Southeast Louisiana
Fueling Young Minds and our Economy: The Power of High Quality Early Childhood Education

United Way of Southeast Louisiana debuted a video this week aimed at persuading legislators that it is smart to spend more money on early childhood education. A coalition of more than 20 organizations is part of Ready Louisiana, which is pushing the state to invest in educating young children

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We must fund early education act: Clancy Dubos 

Two years ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal and state lawmakers approved the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Act. The act established statewide pre-K programs to give a head start to more than 200,000 children now living in poverty. The act is an educational milestone, but it will accomplish nothing if it's not fully funded. So far, that hasn't happened. The act takes full effect next August. That gives Jindal and lawmakers one more chance to get it right.

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NBC News

Education Nation 2013: New Orleans Panel: Early Learning- Sowing the Seeds for Success

A discussion about the early childhood education in the city and across the state with Dr. Geoff Nagle, Director, Tulane University Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health; Jenna Conway, Executive Director of Early Childhood, Louisiana Department of Education; Dr. Tony Recasner, CEO, Agenda for Children; and Pearlie Harris, Owner/Director, Royal Castle Child Development Center.

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Louisiana Revenue Study Commission Testimony on the School Readiness Tax Credits

October 12, 2012

Including Child Care Providers, Advocates, Resource and Referral Agencies and other Stakeholders


For the entire session, click here.

For the individual testimony clips, click here.