Why Early Learning Matters In Louisiana 


Productive Employees


There are many reasons why quality child care and early learning settings create more productive employees.

  • Employees with safe, reliable, quality child care are less likely to miss days of work due to child care related challenges.

  • Employees with safe, reliable, quality child care are more likely to be able to focus on their work without the anxiety of worrying about their children while they are at work.

  • Children who are in a quality child care setting are more likely to start school ready to succeed. And, children who start school ready to learn are more likely to perform at grade level, less likely to drop out of school, and more likely to become part of a strong workforce in the future.


Employers can help families by supporting child care programs in Louisiana. Employers can receive a tax credit for:

  • Supporting star rated child care programs with expenses related to construction, renovation, expansion or repairs;

  • Supporting child care services for employees, not to exceed $5,000 per child per year; or

  • Purchasing slots at a star rated child care program for the children of employees.

Employers can also receive a credit for donations up to $5,000 to Child Care Resource and Referral agencies. Click here for additional information about Louisiana’s tax credits for businesses that support child care.  


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